Digital embroidery chart “Tsar Kashchey”

Digital embroidery chart “Tsar Kashchey”

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Tsar Kashchey is our favorite. It was this design that the series of  "Villains on the Thrones" began with. In the gloomy-gloomy castle, our Tsar Kashchey languishes over gold. A huge bat hangs over a throne adorned with precious stones, crows descended to the throne and guard the peace of their master. A crooked sword tells everyone that it is better not to deal with its owner.

Tsar Kashchey is a character of the Russian folk tales. He is an evil sorcerer whose death is hidden in several magical animals and objects nested in one another: “There is an island on the ocean,  an oak tree stands on that island, a chest is buried under an oak tree, a hare is in a chest, a duck is in a hare, an egg is in a duck , in the egg - a needle - the death of Tsar Kashchey "

You can take a closer look at the recommended sewing elements in the kit photos for this design. We tried to photograph them as clearly as possible so that you can choose a replacement if necessary.

Number of cross-stitches 5823
Size (cross-stitches) 99 × 194
Size on the recommended fabric 18 × 35 cm
Key DMC, Owlforest, ПНК им. Кирова, Гамма
Size of the chart sheet A4
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch, Back Stitch, Counted Thread Embroidery, Running Stitch, Straight Stitch
Number of the floss colours 11
Type of the file PDF
Type of the chart colored chart, black-and-white chart
Instructions language Russian, English

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