Embroidery kit “Snowy Winter”

Embroidery kit “Snowy Winter”

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The "Snowy Winter" embroidery kit is the final one in the series "Seasons"

Warm sweaters, bullfinches on the branches of mountain ash, perky snowmen, and of course, Christmas and New Year, gifts, holiday atmosphere. All this we put in the winter design. Traditionally, the output time of our embroidery kits is not related to the real seasons. Or vice versa, they appear according to the Russian proverb saying that one needs to prepare a sleigh in summer and a cart in winter.

The kit contents:
  • Zweigart Cashel, 28 ct, 100% linen
  • Hand dyed cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
Size (centimeters) 38 × 38 cm
Type of the chart colored chart
Fabric Size 0 cm

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