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Elena Shirshova February 28, 2021

The prize draw will take place on February 28 at 12:00 Moscow time. We will give away 30 coupons with a discount of 1000 rubles for the purchase of goods in our online store. The list of the participants:

Elena Shirshova February 8, 2021

Elena Shirshova January 22, 2021

Why do we love embroidery charts? Charts are generally cheaper than embroidery kits, one can use the available supplies and experiment with materials. There is a huge scope for creativity, sometimes the results are very interesting and there are some successful solutions that the designer did not even think about. We want to admire the diversity of your works on our charts. And we invite...

Elena Shirshova July 30, 2020

? On the eve of the last month of summer, we suddenly realize that summer is passing, and we are still working and cannot stop. Our postal owls go on vacation from 3 to 12 August. We need to accumulate resources before the new embroidery season ? ? During this period, we will continue to accept orders on the site, the first shipment after our vacation will take place on...

Elena Shirshova July 27, 2020

Dear friends, we have been waiting a long time for the opportunity to resume shipping around the world. Good news is that orders stuck since March began to arrive to the owners, it turned out that to many directions they were sent by sea containers. Certainly it took a very long time, and we are very glad that after four months we can track the movement of these orders...

Elena Shirshova March 26, 2020

This week in Russia (March 30 - April 5)is a nationwide paid holiday to encourage people to stay home and slow the spread of the corona-virus, so we are changing the store’s schedule. We plan to send all the orders placed until Monday, March 30, 16-00 Moscow time  on Tuesday, March 31. We have to close the possibility of delivering our goods abroad in the nearest...

Elena Shirshova December 20, 2019

Congratulations to All on the Upcoming Christmas Holidays! Information on the operation of our online store:

Elena Shirshova December 1, 2019

We summarize our event. Below is a list of finalists who managed to finish the work within the terms of our SAL. Since we are summing up the results a bit later than we intended, we included in the list those who posted the finished work a little later than November 17. Check the list, look for yourself if you are not on the list, but you have finished your work, please write to us. Check the...

Elena Shirshova September 10, 2019

Dear SAL participants! Summarizing the second stage was even more difficult than the first. Since our main prize is “not allowed to travel abroad,” we will hold two raffles, the first for those who live in the territory of the Russian Federation, and the second for those who live abroad. For all participants who managed to embroider 5-7 pieces before August 25 (September 8),...

Elena Shirshova July 7, 2019

Dear embroiderers! Summing up the first stage took us a little longer than we expected. So many participants, so many wonderful works! It was very interesting to look at your works. One chart, one plot, but thanks to your imagination each work has its own peculiarities.