Digital embroidery chart “Kingfishers”

Digital embroidery chart “Kingfishers”

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Please note! There was an adjustment due to the revision of the OwlForest thread color card from 06/25/2021

In the Kingfishers chart, the color number 405 (Dark turquoise) has been changed to 428 (Deep Atlantic).

Number of the floss colours 8
Number of cross-stitches 5967
Size (cross-stitches) 115 × 148
Size on the recommended fabric 18 × 23 cm
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch
Key Owlforest, DMC, Gamma, Trade n.a. Kirov
Size of the chart sheet A4
Type of the chart Colored Chart, Black-and-white Chart
Instructions language Russian, English
Type of the file PDF

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Tags: Birds