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Embroidery kit “Monster Wonder Whale” – Owlforest Embroidery

Embroidery kit “Monster Wonder Whale”

Embroidery kit “Monster Wonder Whale”

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“Chudo-Yudo-Ryba-Kit” or "Monster Wonder Whale" is another set for embroidery based on Russian fairy tales. In the fairy tale of Pyotr Yershov "The Little Humpbacked Horse" there is a minor character — a huge fish that lies across the sea as an island, on its back houses stand, trees grow, it is bewitched and waiting for relief.

Translatation by Louis Zellikoff
When they reached the glade, they flew
Straight towards the ocean blue;
There, across it, lay the whale —
Monster head and monster tail;
He was all one mass of holes,
From his ribs grew stakes and poles;
On his tail-a forest black;
And a village on his back

The kit contents:
  • Zweigart Belfast, 32 ct, 100% linen
  • Hand dyed cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
Size (cross-stitches) 189 × 111
Size (centimeters) 30 × 17.5 cm
Number of the floss colours 7
Embroidery technique Cross-stitch
Size of the chart sheet A3

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