Набор для вышивания «По щучьему велению»

Набор для вышивания «По щучьему велению»

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4 900 ₽

Our new design is an illustration for the Russian folk tale “At the Pike's Behest”. All the humorous moments of the tale are noticed and depicted: here is a wise pike giving magic words to the hero, here the buckets go home by themselves, here Emelya rides on the stove to the Tsar. The abundance of characters and natures will give you an unforgettable process and result. Winter landscape, ornaments with magpies and frosty patterns complete the composition.

The kit contains a pasted in QR code for downloading a file in SAGA format for Cross Stitch Saga App.

This design can also be purchased as a printed or digital chart.

The kit contents:
  • Zweigart Belfast, 32 ct, 100% linen
  • Hand-dyed threads based on DMC cotton floss
  • Needle for embroidery №26 Prym
  • Coloured symbol printed chart
  • Additional printed chart divided into fragments
  • Needle minder
Дизайнер Юлия Спирина
Цветов ниток 13
Число крестиков 16524
Длина декоративных швов 21 см
Размер в крестиках 283 × 158
Размер вышивки 45 × 25 см
Техника вышивки крестик, бэкстич
Размер листа cхемы A3
Цвет схемы цветная
Язык инструкций русский, английский

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